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Why Binance can lock your account?



Why Binance locked my account?

Binance is a CEX, and it has an obligation to protect your funds, cooperate with regulatory and law enforcement authorities, as well as to protect other users. Here’s why your account could be blocked by Binance and how to unblock it.

Top reasons why your Binance account being blocked

To comply with local laws of all the countries Binance is operating in, they developed a set of rules, scoring models and specialized screening software. This mixture is too complex and often results in accounts being blocked by mistake or as part of a scammer attack.

Here’s list of the most severe reasons for blocking your Binance account

  • A hacker can gain access to your account, so they block you to protect your funds
  • You may be a hacker or other malicious user, because the scoring model said so
  • Your funds may be related to hacking or fraud, which is often caused by active P2P trading
  • You may have recently communicated with a known scammer, and they want to protect you from that
  • You have a potential connection to a sanctioned person or entity, or you live in a sanctioned location
  • You may have traveled to a sanctioned country or territory

In these cases you are going to need help from tech-savvy lawyers in order to unblock your account and recover the funds. It is still possible to do, but requires intervention at legal level and almost impossible to do single-handedly. We have a long record of working with Binance and can help you recover the funds and unblock your account.

Other reasons are less complex, but still require help of a specialist

  • You may have violated Binance’s Terms of Use
  • You may be missing a document for KYC or AML purposes
  • Your Binance account has been blocked at the request of cyber police

These are much more frequent reasons for accounts to be blocked. Violating TOS might lead to temporal restrictions, while KYC troubles can be resolved by sending appropriate documents. In case of cyberpolice inquiry you might want to contact us for further assistance.

Complex blocking policy of Binance explained

As a CEX, Binance needs to comply with multiple local laws. But still, sometimes the reasoning behind being blocked is unclear. According to an article from Coindesk released in May of 2021 multiple USA users have had their accounts blocked since 2020 – for almost a year and without clear explanation.

Here’s a look at their Twitter support thread from 2021:

Since 2021, there’s still high demand for Binance account unblocking services. Cryptocurrency exchanges and law enforcement must abide by before a user’s account can be frozen. This ensures that law enforcement has the tools necessary to investigate, while preventing potential abuse of authority or misuse of power.

There’s also cases when Binance requests additional verification steps for some of its users.

Like any other financial institution, Binance has to enforce strict policies in order to comply with global requirements, but sometimes this hurts users more than it helps to prevent crime. The existence of these policies protects the interests of over 100 million users, keeps abusers from exploiting users on the platform, and contributes to a more stable trading environment.

Sometimes your Binance account is locked because law authorities need to investigate multiple accounts at once, even if you have nothing to do with crime accusations or illegal money laundering. It is often done in batches, and might target innocent users too. Law enforcement agencies can ask BInance to temporarily block accounts that are flagged as those, who potentially operate outside of Binance’s TOS for a number of reasons. Afterwards, law enforcement agencies filter out innocent users in order to locate money laundering accounts, but this process is usually too slow.

If you can’t wait and want to unblock your Binance account – we can help you.

The main causes of Binance blocking your account

  • Protecting user funds
  • Protecting users from fraudsters
  • Sanctions
  • Restricted access for some countries
  • TOS Violation
  • Hackers and malicious users
  • Batch-lock on behalf of law enforcement inquiries

How to unblock your Binance account

Even if you did nothing wrong, Binance still might flag you as potentially unpleasant or temporarily suspend your account as part of batch-blocks they do for state authorities. This is common practice once CEX reaches too big of a user base and has to work with multiple state authorities at the same time.

In some cases sending additional documents or providing more information about yourself is enough. But if not, the law enforcement authorities in most countries have to contact you if they lock your funds, thus allowing you to claim money through lawyers. In some cases, your account is locked due to resolution of an ongoing investigation, which is entirely beyond Binance’s control.

To dig through Binance support is like reaching out to Apple customer service manager – hard, but rewarding. But one thing in common is that it is difficult to even determine the reasoning behind your account being locked with funds on it.

If you can’t understand why Binance blocked you – contact us, and we’ll take care of unblocking communications for you.