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AML Officer

An indispensable tool for exchange services, trading platforms, online stores, Financial Institutions and Foundations.

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What you get

Affordable and user-friendly AML solution providing 24/7 wallet monitoring, personalized support, and a range of compliance services to safeguard your digital assets against fraudulent transactions.


Connecting to AMLOfficerBot requires no complicated manipulation. We offer a simple interface and notification system to monitor all wallets.


We work with dozens of companies and have the necessary certificates.

24/7 availability

Not only the inspection, but also our consultations are available 24/7. You can always contact your personal manager.


We notify you about dangerous transactions and get in touch with you as quickly as possible upon your request.

Favourable rates

You don’t have to pay for every transaction! Wallet scanning costs starting at $5 per month regardless of the number of transactions.

Additional services

We offer other compliance services –report writing, blocking fraudulent wallets, legal advice, unblocking assets and others.

How does
AML Officer Bot work?


You subscribe to the required number of wallets. You will need to specify the addresses to be scanned.

Wallet scanning

Thes bot scans absolutely all transactions around the clock. Each transaction is assigned a status.

Manager alerts

In case of contact with “dirty” cryptocurrency, you will be contacted by a manager. It will also be marked by the bot.


We can also make a detailed report on a suspicious transaction and help unblock funds.

Legal advice

If necessary, our team provides legal advice to you.


Why do I need a dirty cryptocurrency checking service?

To get protected from Scam/Freezing/Blocking

This service allows you to protect your wallet from potential interaction with intruders and scammers and protect it from possible blocking or freezing.

How much does it cost to scan my wallet with AMLOfficerBot?

starts at 5%

This fee for scanning your wallet for a month is regardless of the number of transactions.

How will I know if a transaction is unsafe?

By our notification

AMLOfficerBot will notify you automatically. You will also be contacted by our manager.

Do you assist in unblocking accounts?


We also provide account/wallet unblocking services, accompanying clients every step of the way.

Can I use your service if I am an individual?


AMLOfficerBot works with both companies/organizations and individuals. There are no restrictions in this matter.

What cryptocurrency do you work with?

Tether TRC-20

At the moment we work with Tether TRC-20. You can arrange to scan up to 50 wallets at a time.

Dirty Crypto Risks

Direct or indirect association with dirty cryptocurrency can result in the blocking/freezing of an account or wallet. Dirty assets are considered assets that are linked to terrorist financing, money laundering, fraud, sanctions organizations or other illegal activities. Statistically, about a quarter of all wallets involve dirty cryptocurrency in one way or another.

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