Report scammers’ wallet

to Crypto AML providers

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Increase possibility to block fraudulent accounts at trading platforms

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How does the Process of Fraud Reporting work?


We push your report to Tracking Authorities which involve every CEX, DEX, and wallet provider

When it’s done stolen crypto can’t be used, any attempt will be blocked and marked as “Scam Transaction”



We help you file valid police report

  • We’ll help you file valid police report on cryptocurrency theft
  • Our support team will guide you on which police department to communicate with
  • You only have strict 72 hour window to file report, so our team works fast to outrun the scammer


We can launch refund process on your behalf

Tech-savvy lawyers who can launch lawsuit, represent you across the globe and return your money back


Receive your money back!


We Returned $10M+ this way

Report Fraud transactions

send FRAUD report now


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I have already filed a report with the police, why do I need reporting service?

To block the funds of the scammers so they cannot use them

Marking stolen cryptocurrency is an additional tool to protect your assets. After proper reporting process scammers cannot use stolen funds and also they become marked as stolen to prevent them from being sold on exchanges.

What if the stolen cryptocurrency has already been transferred to a cold wallet or into cash?

We can track whole path of your funds with all addresses and accounts and file a corresponding report with the police

If the stolen cryptocurrency has already been transferred to a cold wallet or converted into cash, the chances of recovering it are reduced. However, we can still conduct an investigation to identify and record the addresses to which the transaction was made and file a corresponding report with the police. Additionally, we can offer consultation on improving the security of cryptocurrency assets in the future to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

Which instruments do you use to solve cases?

We use blockchain analysis tools such as Chainalysis and Crystal

It helps us to identify potential issues that could result in your exchange account being banned. These tools help us determine if the cryptocurrency associated with your account has been associated with illegal transactions.

How much does it cost, and when I need to pay?

On average 5% of transaction amount, some minimal payment to star and the rest - after successful return

We give a guarantee of the return of the prepayment in case of failure (which does not happen)