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OKX blocked your funds? Here’s what you should do



OKX blocked your funds? Here’s what you should do.

OKX is widely recognized as one of the leading global cryptocurrency exchanges, boasting numerous licenses and a strong reputation. Established in 2017 with its headquarters in Malta, OKX offers a comprehensive suite of services for cryptocurrency traders. However, like any platform, users may occasionally encounter issues such as fund blockages, account freezes, or delayed payment processing. Rest assured, these challenges can be addressed, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

Let’s look at the most common reasons encountered by users:

You tried to withdraw funds from a different IP address. Which may raise suspicion on the part of the exchange, especially if it was a significant amount at one time. You may have tried to do so because you were on a business trip or on vacation, but such behavior may be considered unusual and require additional verification.

In order to protect the client in such a situation, the exchange can block the owner’s account indefinitely until the owner himself requests unblocking or notices suspicious activity on his or her account related to unauthorized login. A solution to this problem could be to create a separate “cold” wallet to store your funds in case of an emergency or unexpected circumstances. This will help secure your assets and avoid similar troubles in the future.

Blocking under AML rules. In the case of a blocking under anti-money laundering (AML) rules, the following scenario is possible: you conducted a transaction on an exchange and funds were credited to your account on the exchange, but, due to AML requirements, the exchange may refuse to accept these funds and block your account. This scenario can also happen if the exchange is required to prove the legitimacy of the origin of your funds.

In other words, if you made a transaction using “dirty” money, it can lead to the blocking of your account in accordance with AML rules, which are observed by almost all exchanges. This problem is quite common among our clients, and it can be difficult to solve without expert help.

Compliance with Laws. It is critical for OKX to comply with the legal requirements of all countries in which it operates. If your account is suspected of violating local laws or regulations, OKX may block it.

Suspicion of fraud. If unusual activity is detected on your OKX account, such as you attempting multiple unrelated transactions or exchanging large amounts of cryptocurrencies, the exchange may block your account to protect you and other users from potential fraud. This is especially true for referrals and users who use multi-accounts to get all the benefits on just one main account.

How do I unblock my OKX account?

If you’re sure you didn’t violate the rules and don’t understand why your account was blocked, you can contact OKX Support for help.


  • If you couldn’t solve the blocking problem yourself, our experts are ready to help you understand the reason and resolve it. 
  • To get support, you can contact us via telegram chat or submit a request on the homepage. 
  • When creating your request, it’s important to provide all the necessary details and documents so that we can help you unblock your account as quickly and efficiently as possible.