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How to check account for dirty cryptocurrency?



Checking your account for dirty cryptocurrency (also known as dirty crypto) is an important step to secure your funds and prevent possible legal consequences.

Examine your own transaction history.

Examine your wallet’s transaction history to determine if there have been any transactions with questionable or unknown addresses.

Check attack reports.

Check news sources and reports related to cryptocurrency attacks to see if your funds have been involved in such attacks.

Check the list of banned addresses.

Some exchanges and platforms prohibit the use of addresses associated with criminal activity. Check the list of banned addresses on the platform you are trading on to make sure your address is not on this list.

Call in the experts. 

If you suspect that there is dirty cryptocurrency on your account contact StarCompliance, we will help you perform more in-depth verification and provide recommendations on further actions.

StarCompliance offers this service to everyone through the application form on the website

This process will check your specified wallets in the networks: bitcoin, ether, tron and others, in a matter of minutes. Regardless of how long ago your wallet was created and how many transfers and transactions were made on it, our functionality is sharpened to detect only marked – “dirty” funds.

All you need for this checking is your provided address and your country of residence.


This telegram bot scans the wallets you provide for verification, around the clock, monitoring for malicious contracts and suspicious transactions.Also, if you find any “dirty” or stolen money, it will direct you to a personal manager who will guide you through the process of protecting your assets.

Regardless of which verification method you choose, remember that the security of your account depends on your thoroughness and diligence when dealing with cryptocurrencies.